Bengalis and Poila Boishakh

‘Poila Baishakh’ ideally marks the first day of the Bengali calendar and is celebrated as the Bengali New Year. The word ‘Poila’ means first and ‘Baishakh’ is the first month of the Bengali year. This festival is a day full of meeting friends and families and having a grand feast or ‘bhuribhoj’. If you are already craving some ‘luchi’ and ‘kosha mangsho’ then jump to the Saptapadi restaurant menu.

 Since the early days of Bengal zamindars, the ‘Poila Baishakh’ celebration had a huge grandeur. They arranged for several ‘Jatra Pala’ and ‘Jalsa’. People from far away villages came to take part in this grand celebration. With the advancement of time, we all have been busier and busier in our lives and the landscape of this festival has changed. Nowadays, the day begins by offering puja to the goddess. Huge ques of devotees can be seen in front of Kalighat and Dakhineswar on this day. This day marks the beginning of new accounts for most of the shop owners. Especially the jewellery stores. The owners invite their customers to offer them treats and open new accounts. But what has remained unchanged in all these years is the tradition of ‘Pet Puja’. Planning for a family lunch on ‘Poila Baishakh’? Check out Saptapadi restaurant thali.

Keeping in mind the cravings of the Bengalis, Saptapadi has introduced ‘Noboborsher Thali’. The thalis include specially handpicked items that will take us back to those babuyana days. Just tell us what you are craving? Jhuri Aloo Bhaja? Basanti Pulao? Vetki? Chicken or Mutton? Our elaborate menu covers all! On this special occasion, you are invited to visit our branches at Golpark, Garia, Saltlake and our newly opened branch at Behala. The prices start just at Rs. 899/- + taxes. And our newly opened branch at Behala, here you will get mouthwatering unlimited buffet at Rs.999/- + taxes only.!

So, come visit us at your nearest branch this Noboborsho with your friends and family. Check out the Saptapadi restaurant menu here.

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